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Problems from pinched nerves are on the rise due to cell phone use. All that time spent looking down can take its toll. Paul Dancy, D.C., with offices in Oakland and San Leandro, California, provides treatment to relieve the nerve irritation that causes pain, tingling, and numbness. Call East Bay Chiropractic Group for an appointment today to stay ahead of problems resulting from pinched nerves.

Pinched Nerve Q&A

How does a nerve get pinched?

Any time a body conduit (through which a nerve passes) interferes with the nerve, a pinched nerve could develop. Bones, tendons, muscles, and cartilage may all irritate a nerve, inflaming it and disrupting its function. This may happen in several places in the body, and not always along the spine. The neck and lower back are frequently trouble spots, but carpal tunnel syndrome often includes problems related to pinched nerves in the wrist, as well.

There are many reasons why a nerve root may be compressed. Strenuous and repetitive work, poor posture, arthritis, carrying extra weight, injuries, and aging all create conditions that may result in nerve inflammation. A forward head posture resulting from a typical smart phone texting position is the sort of repeated action that may cause nerve pinching.

What are the symptoms of pinched nerves?

Depending on the area of inflammation, pinched nerve symptoms typically occur in the arms and legs, even extending into the feet — even when the problem originates at the spine. Problems in the hand generally start at the wrist and carpal tunnel area. Symptoms in any location include:

  • Pain, usually described as sharp or burning, sometimes radiating from a central point
  • Numbness in the area served by the pinched nerve
  • Paresthesia, or the pins-and-needles sensation
  • Weak muscles in the area served by the affected nerve
  • Hands and feet frequently “falling asleep”

How does chiropractic care treat pinched nerves?

Chiropractic manipulation aims to restore balance to the body through resetting spinal alignment to its natural state. In many cases, this begins to relieve the pressure on the affected nerve root. The irritation and inflammation of the nerve reduces, and symptoms improve. Dr. D. discusses a treatment plan with each patient, which typically includes further in-office treatments and home therapy, such as ice packs, stretching, and strengthening exercises.


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