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Recovering from surgery is never an easy task. Paul Dancy, D.C., with offices in Oakland and San Leandro, California, is a big believer in the benefits of post-surgical lymphatic massage to help speed healing and reduce down-time after surgery. If you’ve recently had a tummy tuck, mastectomy, or other procedure that causes drainage build-ups, call East Bay Chiropractic Group today to see if you’re a good candidate for the benefits of lymphatic massage.

Lymphatic Massage Q&A

What’s lymphatic massage?

Lymphatic massage is a German technique that treats a condition called lymphedema. This is an accumulation of body fluid following a procedure that removes lymph nodes, such as mastectomy. In extreme cases, medical intervention may be required, but in mild cases, lymphatic massage reduces or eliminates the swelling that occurs with such fluid buildup.

Lymphedema doesn’t always occur after the removal of the lymph nodes. It may happen spontaneously and for unknown reasons. While it’s a medical problem that may need to be watched carefully under a doctor’s care, your doctor may refer you to Dr. D. for lymphatic massage as part of your treatment plan.

Is fluid buildup after surgery an issue if I still have lymph nodes?

It can be. Many cancer surgeries remove lymph nodes, and radiation or infection can damage the systems. However, even surgeries that leave the lymph nodes intact may experience fluid buildup and can benefit from lymphatic massage. Talk to your oncologist, plastic, or reconstructive surgeon about the advantages of post-surgical lymphatic massage. Dr. D. invites working with other caregivers, ensuring the best all-around health for every patient.

Does lymphatic massage provide any other benefits?

It’s quite possible. The lymphatic system oversees draining fluid from the body, a key factor in the function of the immune system. When operating properly, bacteria, viruses, and other substances get filtered by the lymph nodes and disposed from the body. When the system suffers blockages, that process of filtration breaks down, trapping toxins within the body.

Lymphatic massage stimulates the lymph vessels — the average body has almost twice the amount of lymph fluid than it has blood — breaking up stagnation and blockage and aiding the function of the lymph system. Since the lymph system is just under the skin, its massage is gentle. This makes lymphatic massage perfect for care programs for those suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Encouraging lymph flow aids the restoration of immune system function, which is always a good thing for overall health.


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