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General aches and pains that mount up at the end of the workday are often traceable to an ergonomic deficiency. Paul Dancy, D.C., with offices in Oakland and San Leandro, California, doesn’t only treat your aches, but also helps devise a care plan that allows your body to cope better. Learning how good ergonomics improve your health empowers you to target the changes necessary for a pain-free work space. Call East Bay Chiropractic Group today for an appointment.

Ergonomics Q&A

What’s ergonomics all about?

Simply stated, ergonomics is the study of how the human body performs. Expanding on that, it describes how to improve work conditions to reduce injury. As the leading cause of worker’s compensation costs and lost-time days, musculoskeletal injuries potentially reduce a person’s income while raising an employer’s costs. For example, cases of carpal tunnel syndrome can cause an average of 25 lost days in a year.

Often, small changes in how a person does a job relieve the repeated motion that causes the strain, which in turn helps prevent lost-time injury. For example, someone who stands in 1 spot for much of the day may find relief from an impact-absorbing floor mat. Raising or lowering work surfaces also change how a worker moves, relieving strain over the length of the work day.

But not all ergonomic improvements come from equipment or furniture. The mechanics of the human body also play a role. This is where Dr. D. can help. Chiropractic care and ergonomics are a natural match.

How does chiropractic help with ergonomics?

Caring for the body’s musculoskeletal system is the stock-in-trade of chiropractic — which is precisely where ergonomic deficiencies take their toll. While Dr. D. treats patients suffering from work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD), progressive businesses also turn to him for advice on body positioning and range of motion. Businesses find Dr. D. can help, whether there is an existing ergonomic problem or simply when they want to prevent these injuries in the first place. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a mandate to reduce workplace injuries and OSHA supports attention to ergonomics in the prevention of WMSD.

Can chiropractic care help prevent WMSD?

Absolutely. There are times when people simply can’t take the mini-breaks that even non-strenuous work requires. When things get busy and you don’t get up from your desk every hour, you may feel run down and achy at the end of the day. Make an appointment with Dr. D. now, before a WMSD has a chance to take hold.


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