Michael Harriman


Before I left the medical field after 26 years, I began my quest and pursuit as a massage therapist in 1984. While working in a hospital environment, I realized they had become more of a 'big business'; focusing their attention on sickness and profits, over the well-being and health of their patients. I wanted to help people become more aware and be in touch with their bodies; to live a more healthy/productive life. I've learned many different modalities in the healing field and eventually became a neuromuscular therapist and health educator. I feel I have found my true purpose in life in the field of massage therapy and see it as preventive medicine rather than having people dependent on medications to treat only the symptoms, not their actual health issues. Here's my analogy on how I feel when a patient is treated with medication for their symptoms rather than addressing the illness: let's say a house is on fire, that represents the problem or illness, the fire alarm going off represents the symptom, the illness, pain, discomfort. Treating the symptom is like going to the alarm and cutting the wires. I look at symptoms as your body's indicator lights, similar to your car's indicator lights. When the indicator lights show-up on your car's dash, it's letting you know there is a problem; your symptoms are your body's indicator lights. Treating your symptoms is light putting duct tape over your car's indicator lights. Makes more sense to address the problem rather than treat the symptoms. That is why I love my profession as a neuromuscular therapist, where I can focus my attention in address your problems.

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